Operation Consumables and PPE


The AVANOS* Oral Care Q4 Kit is just one of the clinical solutions that you can depend on to meet the demands of your fast-paced world. The Oral Care Q4 Kit is designed to provide comprehensive oral care for a Q4 protocol.


The MICROCUFF* tube has advanced microthin polyurethane cuff material that allows the channels to “self-seal,” reducing the possibility of leakage. The enhanced design of the instrument has multiple benefits, such as the possible reduction micro-aspiration of potentially infectious pharyngeal secretions, as well as the potentially lowered risk of VAP in prolonged ventilation.

Atrium Oasis Dry Suction Water Seal Chest Drain

The easy-to-use water seal chest drain. Combines dependable preset -20 cmH2O vacuum control with state-of-the-art dry suction regulation.

Atrium Express Mini 500 Mobile Dry Seal Drain

Atrium Express Mini 500 Mobile Dry Seal Drain. A full-featured mobile chest drain, lightweight and ergonomic for easy patient ambulation.

Atrium Pneumostat Chest Drain Valve

The Pneumostat Chest Drain Valve is a disposable, single use chest drain valve with a small, graduated 30 ml collection capacity integrated with a novel one-way dry seal valve technology. The Pneumostat Chest Drain Valve is easy-to-use, providing your patients excellent protection, with a low-cost solution.

Surgical Drapes, Packs & Equipment Covers

Surgical Gowns

  • Non-Reinforced Gowns
  • Reinforced Gowns
  • Breathable High Performance Gowns