The Extra Mile

ISO 9001:2008 certified


About Us


Innomedics idea was emerged when the founder Dr. Mohammad AlBanna decided to step in entrepreneurship sphere and establish his own venture, after which Innomedics saw the light. AlBanna realized later that the seed he planted grew and became one of the favourite destination for talents empowered by motivating, fascinating and inspirational corporate culture. With over twenty years of experience, innomedics is a reputable company that markets and distributes superb quality of medical supplies and equipment along with outstanding post sale service for the betterment of human health. Innomedics focuses on growing in a super intense competitive local market, and eventually aims at diversifying its product and service offering by serving markets abroad. As such, opportunities situated to continuously introducing distinctive, innovative and complementary products to hospitals, clinics and doctors following an educated assessment and ongoing watch of market demand. At Innomedics, we measure our performance and our actions through the lens of our clients and patients, by building strong relationships and provide outstanding clinical and technical support. By thriving to maintain constant reliability and integrity allowing us to stay ahead of competition.

Our Vision

We aspire to become the most trusted partner in healthcare by expanding the company’s reach across the region, providing superior products, and always being ahead of competition.

Our Mission

To improve people’s lives with our health care products by delivering a remarkable portfolio of world-class medical devices in addition to providing clinical and technical support, and assisting physicians and technicians in obtaining proper training in order to enhance product familiarity and user capabilities with technical ease.

Our Values


We strongly believe in creating talents. We make sure to hire the “right candidate” to share the same values. Building a strong business starts with building a company culture that reflects our core values.


We commit ourselves to constantly improving our performance and pushing towards new barriers. We greatly value our performance-driven culture, where we all work in synergy to reach new milestones. We define well our goals to reach fresh heights.


We follow at all times strong ethical principles based on honesty, trust, and consistency. Integrity is the foundation on which we build relationships with clients and colleagues, and it is one of the fundamental values that we seek in our new teammates.


Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results. We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism. We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together.


Our goal is to furnish the present environment in preparation for tomorrow’s innovation. We are constantly devising new ways to make use of technology and benefit our clients, in order to remain two steps ahead. Strengthening our presence in the region with more key products is essential. We will continue working hard to provide business partners with clinical support to help enhance product familiarity and maximize clinical benefit. In parallel with recent market growth in most sectors, we aim at expanding our resources financially and continue supporting and increasing our share.